Ancestral Pride

Womens Marchs

Why the Matriarch of Ancestral Pride is not attending any of the Womens Marchs today IMG_2927

1. Because not only do I lack the power, privilege, and “good ndn” status that comes with the narrative of being an indigenous activist rather than a Warrior Woman, and that’s what gets the sponsors and plane tickets and invites to speak LOL! I’m to blunt and totally #ungovernable

2. I ain’t down with any kind of resistance/march/rally/protest that involves negotiating with the pigs for a “safe” time! I highly encourage smashing it all up! #FTP

3. I am an Indigenous Woman who is facing eviction and homelessness and there are many out there like me who require and need real help and marching is awesome but it don’t put food on our tables or clothes on our babies backs or homes over our heads, so don’t forget about us the women who’s struggle is so fucking real we are just even trying to make it through a damn day. I’m marching for my damn self in the hardest time of my life. You can help here: Emergency Eviction Support or via Email Money Transfer or Paypal

4. Today I am honouring and marching for my own little woman and protecting her human rights to live a life free from physical violence, free from lateral violence, and free to be her best self possible with stability and support so her babies, who are your next generation and our future leaders are whole and healthy and free from colonialism and patriarchy! #AncestralPride

5. Hustling and working for the movement as much as I can from home is my number one priority

Rise Up, Ride Together, Protect Each Other, Be Fierce, Do Not Be Afraid, Fuck Shit Up! I’m so proud of each and every one of my Indigenous Sisters in Resistance who are authentic, decolonized, and have their boots on the ground today! Love to you all ❤✊🏾

In Love and Rage Ancestral Pride ~ Red Warrior Camp

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