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Seechpa salve ~ deeper relief, bones bumps and bruises with menthol crystals ~ 1 oz.

Seechpa Salve

this salve is created with all organic ingredients. Olive and coconut oils infused with: oak bark, comfrey leaf, marshmallow, mullien, walnut bark, gravel root, worm woord, lobiela, and skull cap and thickened with beeswax. This is a formula that has proven to work on healing trauma to tissue and bones, sprains, contusions, bumps, bruises, arthritis, this blend of herbs was formulated by Dr Christopher and is a complete tissue and bone healer. Soothes sore muscles related to exercise and trauma. Promotes fast healing of injuries. Reduces inflammation in muscles. Decreases post workout soreness. Improves mobility! works almost immediately on bruises! it is the same as our 3 B's but has menthol crystals added for deeper relief.

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