Ancestral Pride

Everyone Calls Themselves an Ally, Until It is Time to Some Real Ally Shit! PDF

PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT OTHER THAN EMAIL MONEY TRANSFER OR PAYPAL AT THIS TIME! If you want to make a larger donation to us via these two payment methods, please email us the donation directly instead of using this cart and we will send you the PDF!

Decolonization primer with tips and tricks for settlers and all who would be allies, from the school of Ancestral Pride! This is an informative set of guidelines and suggestions to create a culture of resistance, a self reliant community of like minded individuals.This is available via download, please send payment to

This zine was put together very awesomely by Molly Jane, an amazing graphic artist, computer goddess! Kleco Molly Jane for your support and your willingness to format this in a NIGHT! major props, thats some real ally shit!

The lino cut art with our sacred mountain Chitaapi and quote on the back the zine is art made by our super rad and amazing friend Annie Banks

Our Ancestral Pride crest was designed for us by Gord Hill, a long time friend, comrade, and fellow resister! We are old school NYM og's together and we have nothing but love and respect! Kleco Gord for creating this we love it! TATTOOOOS!!!

Xhopakelxhit Gwaaina ~ our little rebels the Seitcham boys ~ Ancestral Pride

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