Ancestral Pride

Food Security


Growing Revolution

It is hard in this day and age to be a healthy eater. This age of coca cola and potato chips, mass produced genetically modified foods is literally killing us. Food harvesting is still done but not on a scale that ensures our diets consist mainly of these foods.

I would like to address food security and sovereignty and what that means to me. In our village we have very little food security, we rely on travel to Tofino to for most of our foods and this is a $40 round trip. We are a economically depressed village with an 85% unemployment rate. This means most of our village relies on SA for help. This takes a very small food budget already and whittles it down. Coupled with HIGH food costs in Tofino for the basics it means our budget again is whittled away.

How fortunate for us, that we still know the foods of our lands intimately and have knowledge of how to harvest them. We eat salmon, crabs, clams, oysters, mussels, hiishstup, ducks and all those other amazing foods. These are natural and have been provided to us by Naas and in return for offering themselves it is our duty to care for this land and ensure that it will survive for millennia AS IT ALWAYS HAS! Our ancestors worked hard all day every day to ensure we could inherit this bounty. What have we done to be good ancestors? It is not our fault that colonization has taken away our autonomy, and sovereignty but we can rise up from the horrors of genocide cultural break down. we can reject that which harms us and go back to the old ways. the days when we knew the value of good hard work!

You might ask what does contact and colonization have to do with gardening? everything! The foods the mulmuthnee brought are filled with more chemicals then i can name and want to know about. We have as human beings taken personal comfort level to such a state of overkill it almost seems insurmountable but we have to abandon these ways of eating and producing foods so we can turn our collective attention and work as communities to ensure the continuity of the land. The foods of our oceans and lands are disappearing. Monoculture and industry is harming them, fish farms logging and pulp mills are the biggest offenders.

Food sovereignty is a big deal, more so then we know. That’s why community gardens are so revolutionary, but we can take it one step further and instead of growing foreign foods not indigenous to our areas we can focus most of our attentions to nurturing and harvesting WITH CARE our local food systems. Permaculture and wild harvesting. Healing the lands from industry and devastation due to pollution.

Evicting fish farms and shutting them down to preserve our oceans. Stopping logging and other destructive forces. Feeding our future generations is going to take radical and revolutionary change from us as a whole. Hishak ish tsawak we are all one, connected. this planet, is our mother. not just the small bio regions we as each individual live in but the whole planet, hishak ish tsawak we are all one, the waters of the world are all connected.

What do community gardening and traditional foods have to do with the world? the fact that melting polar icecaps and ocean acidification affect us all and care nothing for where we reside. In light of this, community gardening and traditional food harvesting may seem small BUT they are revolutionary! a tool to bring it local and keep it that way. A way to stop relying on foreign imports that devastate the lands of other indigenous people far away. I seen this first hand in Haiti, all the food went to the resorts in the Dominican Republic and south eastern USA. leaving them below poverty level and starving. We have to be conscious and mindful. If we all grew local economy and sacrificed exotic foods and put the time and money instead into food co ops we would start regaining ground in the war on natural food. Imagine tithing food harvesters and growing once a month in exchange for boxes of local natural foods!

Community gardens and wild harvesting are focuses for the bigger picture! We need to open our eyes and gather all our resources to ensure we help those across the planet as we help ourselves.

Our village is so rich and bountiful, i want to ensure our children who are gardening and harvesting can see their grand babies do the same. We are so economically depressed and struggling to stay afloat we are vulnerable. Industry such as fish farms, logging, mining all negatively impact our way of life and these corporations use our economic depression and the greed of leadership to further oppress us. Traditional foods are revolutionary because they call for radical reform the way we govern ourselves and secure economic viability. There is other ways to secure our futures for the next millennia to come!

Kleco for listening and happy growing, with respect!