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Standing Rock Asks Feds To Evict Water Protectors

5882c3ebbbb9b.imageIn a turn of events that many people have been expecting for months now, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is evicting the very people they have called out to for help to save Mni Sosi (Missouri River) from being further put in harms way by the Dakota Access Pipeline owned by Energy Transfer Partners. The newest president elect Trump also owns shares in this pipeline and has made it clear he will push this through without any regard to the Tribes wishes, if he even thinks of them at all.

At this time though it is certainly clear that the Leaderships wishes and the grassroots people of the Tribe are vastly different. Thousands of people from all over the globe answered the call out for support and help from founder of the Sacred Stone Camp LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard and Dave Archambault Chairman of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe himself. In fact the SRST website still has a donation button on their website fund misappropriation? even though they are issuing an eviction notice for January 30th, and have officially pulled support in early December including the Porta Potties.

In act of Neo Colonialism and lateral violence that is almost incomprehensible the Council passed a unanimous resolution to accept a resolution from the Cannon Ball District to evict all the camps including Sacred Stone, the real betrayal is that according to Cody Two Bears they are asking for federal assistance to evict the Water Protectors within the next 30 days, to top it off we receive a slap in the face from native run NGO’S that are aiding and abetting in this betrayal. Read more about it in this news article

These are the same Feds that have used excessive force and police brutality against unarmed Water Protectors, from rubber bullets, percussion grenades, LRAD, Water Cannons, shot gun beanbags, tasers, mace, tear gas, attack dogs, hired mercenaries and batons beatings those who sacrificed months of their lives, their homes, their jobs, and many times personal relationships to stop the pipeline and protect Sacred Water, Ground, and to “Stand with Standing Rock”. These sacrifices have in no way been formally addressed in a respectful or traditional manner by SRST, instead those of us who spent months on active duty on the frontlines are dismissed, once our usefulness has been outlived we are thrown away like trash with barely a thank you from SRST for giving our all to stop ETP and the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We put our minds, bodies, and spirits on the line to save the water and sacred ground and many of us will suffer not only permanent bodily damage like Sophie Wilansky and Sioux Z AKA Vanessa Dundon , and those who’s lives will be irrevocably changed like Red Fawn who is still incarcerated under false pretences as POW by Morton County Sheriffs Dept, we will suffer the effects of this battle for life. The PTSD, and battle fatigue from living in a militarized police state steeped in systemic racism, and the racists citizens who felt entitled to utter death threats online and in person. There really is no words for what we experienced on the frontlines, yet we still remain strong in conviction that the Black Snake must die, when does your duty to Mother Earth and the future of the planet supersede the demands of a leadership that is disrespectful to say the least, and surrendering to ETP to say the most? Will we allow the planet to be without clean water to be polite?

It is utterly unbelievable that they would turn their coats on their own people and the people who came to help in this manner, an act like this begs the question: has the SRST accepted a monetary compensation for allowing DAPL to be built? Was this the plan all along? The narrative that is happening is one that is played out in so called “canada” with the Indigenous Land Defenders, we are often used as leverage for the leadership to gain more money for their resources and then left with no support and often vilified by the very leadership that asked them to make a stand. Obviously this was not the intent of the Camps or the Water Protectors themselves, we can however speculate that it may well have been the intention of Dave and SRST but the situation spiralled out of their control because they had no idea how committed to protecting Mother Earth our People and Allies truly are.

There is however some bright lights in this darkness, Quote from the Bismarck Tribune: “Ed Blackcloud was the lone dissenter to stand up at the meeting to criticize the council’s actions.” and Ladonna Tamakawastewin Allard has no intentions of closing her camp, in her recent Facebook posts she has stood her ground and refuses to adhere to or be bullied by a colonial form of leadership that believes bureacracy, court proceedings, and and EIS will somehow stop the Trump administration and Energy Transfer Partners from forcing through this pipeline.

People can say what they want about respecting the Tribal “leadership” and olders that have never been seen or named and their demands, but there has been nothing but fence sitting, conflicting and contradicting statements from Dave Archambault since the Camps started. These mysterious elders are always trotted out to chastise, censor, or suppress the People when they are protecting Sacred Water and Ground, a convenient excuse and way for the movement gatekeepers and self appointed “leaders” to police their own people. Never once have the People started any of the altercations they were blamed for and that have wrought violence. Standing your ground is not even close to the way the media and Morton County painted it. Yes a frontline was held, but Water Protectors did not incite any sort of riots or violence we protecting ourselves out of self defence from the Riot Police and DAPL security who are sanctioned to use whatever force they can to protect the pipeline. Defending yourself and your comrades is not violence it is a sane response to bodily harm and systemic racism.

One also has to wonder how the many celebrities who have backed up the Tribe and the Encampments with visits and monetary support feel about the turn around of the tribe? Jane Fonda, Mark Ruffalo, Shailene Woodley, Rev Jesse Jackson and others paid visits some with massive press conferences bringing world wide attention to the issue at hand, but it may be that celebs have such short attention spans they have already moved on to the new cause du jour and have forgotten their passion to put a stop to the pipeline. In an interview with Jane Fonda I asked her about how she would feel about the fight ending or being sold out and if you listen in at about 18:40 minutes in you can see her reaction to the camps closing or being sold out and the pipeline being completed.

In a limp and vague facebook post on their Facebook page SRST made an inadequate, dismissive “thank you” post that managed to also be insulting and accusatory towards the Warriors they called to come and make a stand for the water. It has always been about the Water and the land and protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples. It has always been about upholding our inherent right to ensure continuity of life for our future generations. For many of us it was never about “Standing with Standing Rock” it was about upholding our duty to Mother Earth and protecting her and her waters from further molestation from greedy corporations and resource extraction. It was always about killing the Black Snake and fulfilling the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor Video and never about administrative and legal processes, we did not make the journey to the Encampments for personal gain or glory, the vast majority of the Indigenous Peoples are not attached to NGO’s and received no compensation or pay checks for our work nor did we want them, all we wanted was to fight for clean water, as Warriors in Mother Earths Army, Faceless and Nameless.

This is an anti climatic and disheartening end to what was one of the most inspiring, empowering, and massive movements for Indigenous Peoples in here in so called “North America” in recent history. The real question now is how will those steadfast and brave souls who have pledged not to leave until the Black Snake is dead be treated by the feds that have been called in by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and given permission to oust them? There have been recent requests for support people to come back to the camps, will those calls be answered?

20170118_23114520170119_000501 You cannot suppress a movement and even though they put out the sacred fires at Camp they cannot put out the fires of resistance in our spirits! They are still battling at camp and in the latest clash on January 18th once again arrests were made and the Protectors were brutalized and injured by over zealous Riot Police who are literally protecting a pipeline and a corporation rather than protecting the people as their oath of honor they take when they are sworn in demands of them. More to come on this event soon!

In The Spirit of Total Resistance Ancestral Pride ~ Red Warrior Society

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